2019 Highlights

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In 2019, SuperHack saw more than 240 attendees comprising of Victorian high-school students, teachers, industry mentors & speakers, and university student mentors.

Held over the first weekend of December, participants of the competition were introduced to the basics of Arduino and programming in a C/C++ environment. Teams were provided with a wide range of electrical components ranging from ultrasonic sensors to piezo buzzers.

The goal? Teams were to use their creativity in building and designing an autonomous robot in less than 24 hours!

By the end of the competition, we had 20 unique robots all of which were custom-built for specific tasks. Teams were all supported by our university student and industry mentors. Our industry speakers also provided students with an insight into the Engineering world through sharing their own journeys and experiences.

Final results of the 2019 SuperHack:

Place School Team Name
1st St Catherine’s School (16) Shell Shock
2nd John Monash Science School (4) Chyisti 2.0
3rd Toorak College (10) Jyp-Jyp
Judges’ choice John Monash Science School (6) Lumobility
MUEEC would like to thank all attendees for such a fantastic event. In particular, we’d like to thank our 2019 sponsors and industry representatives for making it all possible!

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